Affiliates earn 75% directly to their Paypal account

   You are probably aware of many business owners in your local area. Most of these owners are not aware of how a professional video can impact their bottom line.
Here's your chance to provide a valuable service to local businesses while earning
cash directly to your Paypal account. No waiting to get paid!.

Here's the way it works.

   Generate your affiliate link using the generator below. Advertise your affiliate link any way you see fit. When anyone clicks on your affiliate link they are taken to a replica of our website with your Paypal email embedded in it. Whenever someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link you get paid directly to your Paypal account. The customer is then redirected to our customer service department and we provide the video. We handle customer support. We handle payment processing.   You collect the cash!

   We pay 75% commissions. The payment is not split. Instead you are paid for 3 out of 4 sales.

  • 1. 1st sale goes to you. -$97
  • 2. 2nd sale goes to you. -$97
  • 3. 3rd sale goes to you. -$97
  • 4. 4th sale goes to us.
  • 5. 5th sale goes to you. -$97
  • 6. 6th sale goes to you. -$97
  • 7. 7th sale goes to you. -$97
  • 8. 8th sale goes to us.
  • 9. 9th sale goes to you. -$97
  • 10. 10th sale goes to you. -$97

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NOTE: It is highly recommended that if you are opening a Paypal account that you choose the "Premier" or "Business" account. A personal account has some restrictions that may hinder your payments.

Affiliate Link Generator

Type your Paypal email address in the box and click the button:

Here is your affiliate link:

Testing your affiliate link

Copy and paste your affiliate link in your browser. When the website appears click on the order button as if you were making a purchase. You should see your Paypal email address in the upper left corner as in the example below.

Shortening your affiliate link

To prevent others from stealing your commissions you should shorten your link. There are many link shorteners available. Here are just a few.

As above, test your shortened link to insure it's working

Online Classifieds
Although there are many ways to advertise your affiliate link online, the fastest way is through classified ads.

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Terms and Conditions

1. No unsolicited email (spamming).
2. No deceptive advertising practices.
3. No illegal activities or practices

We want you to be successful and we are here to help. However, in order to protect the integrity of our services we will be forced to terminate any affiliate accounts which violate our terms. We wish you much success with your promotions!

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